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Some pictures from Eniwetok

eniwetok diving crew
The Missle Recovery Diving Crew at Eniwetok Lagoon circa 1964. Global Marine had just replaced Holmes & Narver as the contractor to the US Air Force. Diver contracts were for 18 months. The job was recovering missles fired from Vandenberg. Dives were from 35 feet (oops, that was close) to about 215 feet in the center of the range. Equipment was mostly twin 80 cu ft scuba (air). Occasionally, hard hat and occasionally dredging.

A couple of the names may be off, please correct me if you see errors or add to the information or send pictures if you have them.

I'm listing the names here so they will show up on a Google Search: Jess Gabbard, Roger Cook, Ron Ethridge, Duke Ogden, Bob Mobert, Ron Gaither, Asa Bell, Fred Hidalgo, Gordon (Gordy) Blumfield, Hal Staggers, Jack Wisdom, Vern Clinton.


Vern Clinton on Diving Barge Eniwetok
Diving barge where we spent 6 days a week working and 1 day a week "recreating". Note the regulators. Weights are because we were dredging a ditch for a pipeline near shore manhandling a suction dredge. A firetruck supplied the water pressue for a "homemade" suction dredge made from a six inch pipe